As a user of nutritional supplementation, essential oils and a Raindrop facilitator, I needed a way to determine “what” essential oil I should use – if any – after Marjoram.  As I work with many who make a living in the medical or veterinary field, I had to be able to explain how and what I was suggesting to them. What I  thought would be a brief explanation to anyone who uses essential oils became more than 300 pages.

In today’s health care environment, I decided I might as well go a step further.   Dr. David Stewart had developed a program to certify people who wanted to be able to legally facilitate Raindrop Technique.  There was not such an approved animal program by an accredited and accepted certification board.  So – what was I to do?  The result is the Escent-Oil Balance program certified by the Natural Therapies Certification Board as an approved educational provider.

What started out as an instruction manual to further explain some benefits of D. Gary Young’s Raindrop Technique expanded into a discussion on emotions stored within a body.  This concise and comprehensive coil bound manual contains more than 300 8 1/2” x 11” pages of discussions, charts and illustrations to give an Essential Oil user or student a better understanding of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body’s response to therapeutic grade essential oil applications to a specific point on its body.  It does not matter if a body has 2 legs, 4 legs or none.  Nor does it matter if a body has hands, paws, claws or hooves.

Briefly, the manual is a guide to using therapeutic grade essential oils on the hidden pathways of a body.  There is information on how to facilitate a hoof, paw or claw Raindrop (ART) as well as comprehensive charts indicating the possibilities of “what” the various detoxification signs are expressing.  In other words, an essential oil user may learn how to interpret signs along a body’s exterior surface.  These signs often enable a facilitator to interpret “what” is going on deep within a body.  Once signs are interpreted, a facilitator is better equipped to determine which oil to use after Marjoram.

The manual provides numerous charts to aid in determining where a “sore” Vita Flex Key point is actually located.  Once a key point is located, a facilitator is able to review charts with possible root causes of a “soreness”.  This determination is vital when working with those who can not speak out for him- or herself – whether it is a small human child, an adult who can not express an issue or a past experience or an animal which speaks a different language.

And what about the other techniques D. Gary Young improved upon or developed himself?  I just could not stop with Raindrop.  I discovered a veterinarian had used Bach remedies with Auricular points.  He graciously gave permission to use his maps of the animal ear.

I also asked Sally Shultis to contribute with explaining her passion – Neuro-Auricular (NAT) and Neuro-Auricular Emotional Release (NAT-ER).

    The Escent-Oil Balance logo depicts a horse smelling a drop of an essential oil as an attempt to aid in balancing the bodymind.  And while you are in the process of facilitating an animal’s balance perhaps you will find yourself moving forward in a positive and progressive manner as well.  May the blessings be shared by all!


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