Table of Contents


How to Approach Animal  Health


Raindrop Moves Forward

Pronounce the Pathway Sign

Yin or Yang

Deficiency and Excess

Let’s Start on the Path to Rediscovery

Vita Flex or Acupressure Points?

Special Vita Flex Points Simplified


More Anatomical Comparisons

Ting Vita Flex Points

Paths Not Affected Directly by ART

The Longest Path Affected by ART - The Bladder Path

     The Bladder’s Affected Vita Flex Points

The Governing Vessel Path and it’s Affected Vita Flex Points

The Paths and Vita Flex Points of the Inside Rear Leg

     The Spleen Path and it’s Affected Vita Flex Points

     The Kidney Path and it’s Affected Vita Flex Points

     The Liver Path and it’s Affected Vita Flex Points

The 5 Element or Five Phases of Change Theory

Frequency Briefly Revisited

Balancing the Paths with Essential Oils

Animal Essential Oil Usage Discussion

Animal Detoxification

Feel For Me?

Paws and Claws Raindrop Technique

Equine Raindrop Technique

Departing: Sweet Sorrow or Success

Recognizing Emotional Trauma

Let the Healing Begin

On the Emotional Path to Recovery

Basic Non-diagnostic Iridology Explained

Animal Auricular Probe Technique

Animal Neuro-Auricular Technique

Animal Neuro-Auricular Emotional Technique

Scope of Practice Laws

Business Opportunities

Final Thoughts

References & Suggested Reading


     Appendix A: Vita Flex Point Description

     Appendix B: Quick Reference Paws/Claws Raindrop

     Appendix C: Quick Reference Hoof Animal Raindrop

     Appendix D: Special Physical Circumstances

     Appendix E: Quick Reference NAT

     Appendix F: Equine Iris Worksheet

     Appendix G: Informed Consent Form

     Appendix H: Assumption of Risk, Liability Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

How To Use This Book

About the Author

List of Charts & Illustrations

Approaching Animal Health

Pronounce the Pathway Sign

Yin vs Yang

Comparison of Man & Horse Anatomy

Organ Manifestation

12 Main Paths

Yin or Yang Pairs

Path Flow

Collateral Lines or Paths

Bladder Point Comparison

Anatomy FW Divisions

Special Vita Flex Points


Hand & Paw Comparison

Dog Outer Description

Paws/Claws Vita Flex Points Description

Hoof Vita Flex Points Description

Paws/Claws Vita Flex Point Location

Hoof Vita Flex Points Fore Leg Location

Hoof Vita Flex Points Rear Leg Location

LU Path

LI Path

ST Path

HT Path

PC Path

TH/TW Path

SI Path

GB Path

Equine Bladder Vita Flex Points

Human Bladder Vita Flex Points

Human Bladder Vita Flex Leg Points

Dog GV Vita Flex Points

Human GV Vita Flex Points

Dog & Horse SP Vita Flex Points

Equine K Vita Flex Points

Equine LV Vita Flex Points

Wood Element

Fire Element

Earth Element

Metal Element

Water Element


Tissue Frequency

YLEO Oil Blend Frequency (Selected)

Wood of Liver/GB Path EO Balancing

Fire of HT/PC/SI/TH Path EO Balancing

Earth of SP/ST Path EO Balancing

Metal of LU/LI Path EO Balancing

Water of K/BL Path EO Balancing


Raindrop Results

The Allegory of the Cart Pushers

Dog Expressions

Equine Expressions

Trauma Possible Signs

Path Pairs and Emotion

Added Emotional Special Points

Special Consideration When Choosing Essential Oils

Condition and Essential Oil Blend Possibility

Additional Essential Oil Information for Emotional Release

Iris Photos

Iris Charts

Fetus in Ear

Auricular Anatomy Charts

Auricular Emotional Charts

Neuro-Auricular Technique Process

NAT-A Emotional Release Quick Reference

The Scope of Veterinary Practice

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